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shutterstock_352174895Choosing the right air conditioning system can often be a daunting task. With so many different types of air conditioning systems on the market and the upfront costs involved, it pays to select the best air conditioning installation College Station has to offer. At Climate Doctors of B/CS we know this! We also know the benefits of what a quality air conditioner can do for you and your family or business.

Since optimum efficiency is achieved at continuous running, it is important that the air conditioner be sized to achieve the longest run times possible. Standard sizing calculations are based on a design temperature that is exceeded only 73 hours in a normal cooling season. An air conditioner sized to run continuously at design conditions will cost less initially and will have a lower operating cost due to its longer run times… (Read More Here)

We have spent literally thousands of hours in the field, repairing and servicing virtually every brand of air conditioning and heating system on the market. We use that experience in selecting the products most capable of satisfying our customers’ needs. The best air conditioning system should provide:

  • Quiet, dependable, efficient service.
  • A comfort level second to none.
  • An attractive finish, with Texas durability.
  • A sound reputation and the warranty to back it.
  • Environmentally friendly operation.

Let us make a no-obligation visit to your home or office to explain the features and benefits of owning a Trane air conditioner.


Air conditioning problems are not solved by equipment alone. Professional installation technicians are critical to the service life and efficiency of your new air conditioning system. Efficiency ratings are lowered when air ducts are leaky, refrigerant tubing is undersized, or equipment is not properly installed.

At Climate Doctors of B/CS, we leave nothing out. Your entire system is upgraded to the highest standard when we replace your existing unit. Air ducts are sealed and repaired as necessary, copper tubing is replaced if warranted, and all supporting accessories such as drain lines, insulation, gas and vent piping are all upgraded so they last the life of your new equipment.

All installations are done by certified technicians employed by Climate Doctors of BCS, using state-of-the-art procedures while installing your new system for guaranteed reliability.


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